New Peruvian wind atlas
Remote measurements in wind energy
The remote measurement technology SODAR (Sonic Detection and Ranging) and LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) allow measuring wind profiles and improve the power...
Hybrid Generator for Isolated Systems
Compact system for the electric supply of grid isolated installations.
Assessment of Wind Farms in Operation
We offer an integral assessment of wind farms’ conditions in all key aspects: inspection of installations, power and economic conditions. We offer a customized service...

Consultant and laboratory of tests in meteorology, environment and renewable energies. Technical assessors for the development, financing and construction of wind farms and photovoltaic solar plants, with laboratories of accredited tests for meteorological measurements and wind turbines tests.


  • March 2019
    Como en ediciones anteriores, Barlovento, a través de su filial E2Q de México, participa en México WindPower 2019. Se considera el evento más importante de la industria...
  • February 2019
    Barlovento Chile Limitada se adjudica en Chile la licitación pública “Campaña de medición eólica en la zona de Reserva de Tal Tal” formulada por la Subsecretaria de...